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The Company


UNIONMATEX was founded on 27th October 1918 in the former hotel named "Town of Gotha" in Chemnitz, Saxony as a company to represent the common interests and promote the sales of German textile machinery manufacturers. Founder-members were C. H. Weisbach in Chemnitz, A. Monforts in Mönchen-gladbach, Zittauer Maschinenfabrik AG in Zittau, Ernst Gessner in Aue and Schlafhorst & Co. in Mönchengladbach. During the following years, other well- known texile machinery manufacturers joined the group of UNIONMATEX, and beginning from 16th November 1923 UNIONMATEX was called "Community of German Texile Machinery Manufacturers ". The premises of the company were established in Berlin.

From the very beginning UNIONMATEX aimed at one object: to work as a general contractor. In 1924, the advertising slogan already ran "Whereever new textile plants will be built will be the working field of Unionmatex ". The first industrial complexes were set up already in 1928 in Afghanistan, a small cotton plant and a wool production line. Until 1943 UNIONMATEX deliverd 13 textile plants. More than 150 plants and production lines all over the world should follow.

Photo 1928

To the left : 10th anniversary of UNIONMATEX on 27.10.1928

After 1945 on 25.03.1949 the company was reestablished in Frankfurt/Main. 1970 it moved to Schwalbach am Taunus near Frankfurt/Main, where the first office building belonging to the company war errected.

Hence, UNIONMATEX has developped into a worldwide operating engineering company, acting as project planner and general contractor for textile and other industrial plants.

The company employs highly qualified engineers with appropriate skills, know-how and experience for various fields. Perfect cooperation in our staff ensures the top-quality and well-timed execution of each project stage and the successful implementaion of the whole plant. All UNIONMATEX offices are equipped with sophisticated office and communication technology appropriate for all kind of engineering services.

The company is represented all over the world with branch offices in Taschkent, Aschgabat, Addis Ababa, Nairobi and agencies in some other countries.